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LINCS SCHOLARS host event on collaborative learning

Team up with your peers for academic success! Join Dr. Mentewab Ayalew, Dr. Aditi Pai and the Leadership Alliance for a workshop on Collaborative Learning. Studies show that working in groups improves students’ performance in class, on tests, and while conducting research. This workshop is an opportunity for exploring the peer learning process and considering how to form a successful study or research group. It will cover the steps to establishing a group and includes time for practicing some learning techniques. By the end of this workshop, participants will be ready to start a study or research group and reap the benefits. 

LINCS SCHOLARS host 'welcome back art party' for spring semester

Pictured Above: LINCS scholars Kai Braidy, Tanjanay Hardy, and Gygeria Manuel pose with their art work.

Pictured Below: All LINCS scholars and their work for the 'Welcome Back Art Party' 


The MIT Biology Department and the NSF-Funded Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM) held its annual week-long Quantitative Methods Workshop (QMW) at MIT in Cambridge MA on January 2-8.  Participants arrived in Boston  on January 1.  This 7-day intensive workshop included daily faculty lectures and hands-on computer labs, and was offered to students and faculty from a select number of institutions with RISE, MARC, IMSD, McNair or HHMI programs.  Faculty lectures covered current topics in cognitive and computational neuroscience, human genetics, systems biology, Quantitative biology and statistics. After each lecture participants learned to apply quantitative tools and programing languages such as MATLAB to experimental data analysis. This helped students better prepare for summer research internships, and become more competitive graduate applicants.  Participants had several opportunities to meet with individual MIT faculty to learn about their research, explore research opportunities, and learn about the graduate application process. 


Pictured: LINCS co-founders Dr. Mentewab Ayalew and Dr. Kimberly Jackson, Social Justice Program Coordinator Pamela Stegall

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