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Dr. Jackson has worked with numerous students, helping guide and encourage students to pursue careers in the chemical and biomedical sciences. She has mentored more than 40 research students since arriving at Spelman College. She feels that her role is to effectively mentor a new generation of students, while providing them with a versatile set of skills that will enable them to thrive professionally, and give back to the community.   

Former Students

Tiffany Walker, SC’03 Biology, Honors

Ashley Brawley, SC’05 Biology, HHMI

Stephanie Princeton, SC’05 Biology, MIE

Gerren Ector, SC’05 Biology, MIE, HHMI, MERCK

Kelli Pitt, SC’06 Biology, MIE

Kristen Phillips, SC Biology, MIE

Marquita Genesis, SC’06, Biology MIE

Tara Humphrey, Bennett College ’06 Biology, MIE

Alejandra Jupiter, SC’08, International Affairs, MIE

LaTasha Cox, SC Biology, MIE, HHMI

Daniel Wansley, CAU ’04 Chemistry

Alison Brown, SC ’07 Chemistry, Honors

Christina Inman, SC’07 Dual Degree/NASA WISE

Janina Jeff, SC ’07 Biology, RISE  

Allyson Anderson, SC’08 Chemistry, Honors

Andraya Johnson, SC’08 Chemistry, RISE

Brandy Sullivan, SC’ 08 Religion

Barrington Harvey, MH ’08 Biology

S. Nicole Thomas, SC Biology, RISE

Brittney Alston, SC’09 Biology, FACES, Honors

Diana Spell, SC’09, Biology, RISE, FACES, MERCK, Honors

Patrice Wagner, SC’09, Biochemistry, HHMI

Amanda McIntosh, SC’11, Chemistry, MARC

Michelle Reid, SC’11, Biochemistry, RISE, FACES, ACS

Ashley Jordan, SC’12, Chemistry RISE, Corning, Honors

Carla Scott, SC’13, Biology, RISE

Evan DuBose, SC’13, Chemistry, RISE, Corning

Nakisha Rutledge, SC’13, Biochemistry, RISE

Rosine Dushime, SC’14 Biochemistry, HHMI, RIA

Lydia Ruffner, SC’14, Biochemistry, RISE, Honors, RIA

KaNesha Gillyard, SC’14, Biochemistry, GSTEM

Kwadernica Rhea, SC’14, Chemistry, HHMI, Honors

Emma Iradukunda, SC’15, Biochemistry, HHMI, RIA

Tia Bernard, SC’15, Dual Degree, ASPIRE

Alexandra Sutton, SC’16, Chemistry, HHMI, RIA

Yvette Kayirangwa, SC’17, Chemistry, RIA

Sofia Walton, SC’18, Chemistry, LSAMP

PhD, Meharry (2010)


MS, Boston University  

MD, Morehouse SOM (2010)

MD, Temple University (2010)


MD, MPH Pittsburgh (2010)



MS, Mississippi College (2010) 

PhD, Baylor COM (2011)

PhD, Tufts (2017)

ChEM.E Columbia (2008)

PhD, Vanderbilt University (2012)

MPH, Emory University (2010)

PharmD, UT-Memphis (2013)


MPH, University of Georgia (2012)


MD, Wayne State University (2014)

MD/MBA East Carolina U (2013)

PhD, Vanderbilt (2016)

PharmD, Illinois-Chicago (2015)

PhD University of Florida (2018)

PhD NYU-SOM  (2018)


PhD Student, UNC-Chapel Hill

PhD Student, Northwestern

MS Wake Forest (2017)

PhD Student, Northeastern

PhD/DPM Student, R. Franklin

PhD Student, LSU

PhD Student, University of Georgia

MS Eng. Prairie View A &M

MD Student, Wright State

PhD Student, Auburn University

current Students

Destiny B Van, SC’19 Biochemistry, RISE

Dominique Mosley, SC’20 Biochemistry

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